3D Cell Culture

Analysis in Real Time

Fennik Life Sciences

The TheraKan™ is the first 3D culture system platform from

Fennik Life Sciences.

Our innovative novel system overcomes key limitations of conventional 3D cell culture platforms and creates physiologically relevant microenvironments for rapid and thorough analysis for cell migration, cell invasion, immune cell recruitment, spheroid analysis, drug efficacy, toxicology, ADME,

pre-clinical drug screening research and tissue/cell research.

We realize the time consuming and confusing protocols in learning new technologies. That is why we designed our device to be as user friendly as possible so you can get to your research/testing as quickly as possible.

          Utilizing this technology, we also specialize in lab services and solutions catered to the needs of your research program.   

Answer basic and translational research questions

Validate drug targets

Analyze drug compounds

Access cellular and molecular mechanisms



We at Fennik Life Sciences are an experienced, dedicated team, passionate about innovation and bringing results that will take your research to the next level.