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Biomedical researchers work hard to understand diseases, and find new treatments so people can live longer and healthier lives.


Fennik Life Sciences is passionate about empowering biomedical researchers by providing innovative 3D cell culture products  and services.

The TheraKan™ is the first 3D culture technology offered by

Fennik Life Sciences.

Our innovative patented device overcomes key limitations of conventional 3D cell culture methods and creates physiologically relevant micro-environments for you to:

Assess cellular immune response

Validate drug targets

Analyze drug compounds

Access cellular and molecular mechanisms

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Why choose the TheraKan™ device ?

     DEVICE           CHAMBER          CELL CULTURE      MODELS
Low cost
1 size fits many
cell culture platforms
Reduce environmental
impact with reusable devices
Capture and characterize cell populations entering 3D microenvironments 
Analyze multiple cellular
responses in the same sample
Perform live imaging
of cell migration to 3D microenvironments
Model drug gradients
over time


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