A Dynamic Model that Creates an Accurate Representation of Living Cells and Tissue

Fennik Life Sciences’ patented and innovative, easy to use, innovative 3D culture system is designed to help life science scientists and pharmaceutical scientists to achieve more accurate data and faster results compared to conventional 2D technology. 


The TheraKan™ uses a unique nested chamber system and swiveling mechanism that can culture cells in 3D protein matrices to their specifications, using existing equipment in your labs.


With limitless potential using the TheraKan™, you can create microenvironments mimicking tissues for the validation or analysis of drug targets to treat diseases including cancer, neurodegenerative, respiratory, cardiac, and autoimmune diseases.


In addition, the device can aid in the development of new regenerative/stem cell therapies. It can be used to complement existing animal models and refine the number of drug compounds or drug targets to be tested in animals, in turn saving scientists time, money, and effort.

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