A Dynamic Model that Creates an Accurate Representation of Living Cells and Tissue

Fennik Life Sciences’ patented and innovative, easy to use, innovative 3D culture system is designed to help life science scientists and pharmaceutical scientists to achieve more accurate data and faster results compared to conventional 2D technology. 

The TheraKan™ is used to create 3D cellular microenvironments and support analysis of dynamic cell movement from one environment to another, over time.

What can the TheraKan be used for ?

  • Compare immune responses between different cellular microenvironments

  • Characterize drug targets and cell-cell interactions between different cellular microenvironments

  • Analyze drug efficacy, toxicity and penetration on different cellular micronevironments

  • Analyze the activity and interactions between multiple cell types including: epithelial, immune, endothelial, fibroblastic and neuronal cells

  • Save time and money: use the TheraKan to complement existing animal models and refine the number of drug compounds or drug targets to be tested in animals.



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The TheraKan™ is comprised of a patented 2 chamber nested design with an easy swiveling mechanism and an opening at the bottom to control for flow of fluid, molecules and cells. To establish 3D cell cultures, close the TheraKan™ shut, and culture cells in 3D protein matrices to your specifications. When ready, swivel the device open, and test for drug interactions with tissue barriers, target cells and/or secondary interacting cell types such as white blood cells.  

View our demo and protocols to learn more about how to use the technology.

Why use the TheraKan™ ?

                              CHAMBER               2D/3D                  MODELS
Easy set-up & walk away
Low cost per test (<$5)
Analyze cell behavior in 3D  cultures
Model drug gradients over time
Analyze dynamic immune response
over time
Easy live cell imaging of cell migration
Fits in varying cell culture platforms