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HOW we started

Cell culture models have made valuable contributions towards understanding diseases and developing drug therapies. Yet, traditional cell culture models do not mimic the dynamic environment of tissues and adequately predict how drug treatments may affect tissues.

Fennik Life Sciences was started by two scientists, Nikki Cheng, Ph.D and Wei Fang, Ph.D at the University of Kansas Medical Center. As long-time biomedical researchers, they sought to build better 3D culture models to understand the flow of molecules and cells to and from tissues.  This led to the development of the TheraKan     device.  Drs. Cheng and Fang co-founded Fennik Life Sciences to support pre-clinical researchers in their study of chronic diseases and development of drug treatments.  By advancing 3D culture technologies and services for pre-clinical researchers, Fennik Life Sciences seeks to support the development of safer and more effective drugs for patients with chronic or infectious diseases, whether human or animal.

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