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" I think the device is very easy to use and economically sustainable as it can be reused multiple times. The device offers a great way to study immune cell recruitment to cancer tissues in vitro. Because the devices allows live cell imaging, it could be potentially used to monitor immune cell recruitment in real time. Cells migrated into the 3D culturing matrix inside the device can be immuno-stained, which allows researchers to identify the specific immune cell type under different treatment conditions."

Dylan W., graduate student

" I have used the device to study the effects of macrophage on tumor cells survival during chemotherapy.  In my experiment, I added the cancer cell inside the 3D cell culture devices, and macrophage cells outside of devices, and then treated with different chemotherapy drugs. After a certain time window, the chamber gate is opened, and the macrophage migration into the chamber and cancer cell survival were measured. In control experiments, There is no macrophage cell outside, to study the effects on cell-cell contact-dependent and independent interactions of macrophage and cancers. The devise provides versatile options in controlling cell-cell contacts and timing. The devise also enables directly imaging of cells inside/outside of chambers, and downstream analysis such as IF staining. Easy to set up and a lot of data can get”

Tina H., Research Assistant

"Many thanks for the TheraKan devices you provided to us, and we found it is very useful and convenient to study the cytokine effect between two cell types. We also used them for macrophage infiltration in our 3D tumor organoid model."

Ben L., Professor

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