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Cell Culture Assay Services

Fennik Life Sciences offers an array of cell culture assay services for clients to evaluate: cells, cell:cell interactions, biomarker(s), drug compound(s), chemical(s) or signal pathway(s) of interest.  Assays may be conducted either in a conventional 2D format or in 3D matrix.

Advantages of 2D cell culture assays:

  • More efficient; assays may be conducted in a higher throughput format

  • Cost effective

Advantages of 3D cell culture assays

  • More physiologically relevant data be obtained with testing of drug compounds/chemicals

  • Obtain data over multiple time points with same samples

Fennik Life Sciences works with clients to tailor cell culture studies to their research needs, timeframe and budget.   


What kind of data can clients expect?  


Clients receive a written report on their studies with their data, and time with staff to discuss their data through flexible scheduling.

Assays Offered

3D cell culture.jpg

Cell growth

Assays include cell cycle analysis, quantification of cell number and biomarker expression

antiitga2 2crop.bmp

Cell motility/Invasion

Assays provide data on biomarker expression or index of migration/ invasion

oil red crop.jpg

Cell metabolism

Measurement of nutrient uptake, metabolic enzyme levels and activity  through metabolites

control sh 10x4 crop.tif

Specialty Assays

Includes measurement of: cellular transformation, stem cell activity, fibroblast and endotheial cell activity

cont10x CA1Dcrop.tif

Cell viability

Assays provide data on biomarker expression, index of survival or cell death

Questions ? Please contact us for further information. We are here to help:

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