How does it work?



The TheraKan™ is comprised of a patented 2 chamber nested design with an easy swiveling mechanism and an opening at the bottom to control for flow of fluid, molecules and cells. To establish 3D cell cultures, close the TheraKan™ shut, and culture cells in 3D protein matrices to your specifications. When ready, swivel the device open, and test for drug interactions with tissue barriers, target cells and/or secondary interacting cell types such as white blood cells.  

View our demo and protocols to learn more about how to use the technology.

Our chamber design provides a 3D and realistic dynamic cellular microenvironment mimicking what happens in live tissues

MDA-MB-231 cells were cultured in 3D collagen in the TheraKan™, transfected with Ca-TAT/siRNA complexes, and analyzed for macrophage infiltration into the device.

Macrophage infiltration was quantified by Image J;

arbitrary units shown. Statistical analysis was performed by One way ANOVA followed by Bonferonni post-hoc analysis.

Statistical significance was determined by p-value less than 0.05. 

*p<0.05, **p<0.01, ***p<0.0001, n.s=not sigificant. Mean+SEM is shown.

The TheraKan™ provides more stable and longer term gradients over a standard 2D cell culture insert

Gradient Stability of 2D Insert vs TheraKan

200 ul of 500 mM crystal violet was added to 8 micron 2D cell culture inserts in a 24 well plate containing 400 ul PBS. Solutions at the bottom and topside were removed and transferred to a new plate, and photographed. Representative images and end point concentrations shown. Loss of gradient stability shown immediately.


Crystal violet delivered through the TheraKan™ photographed over time, and measured over for changes in concentration over time (color intensities) and distance from the TheraKan opening. Long-term and stable gradients for up to 24 hours.

Advantages of the TheraKan™

Easy set-up & walk away
Low cost per test (<$5)
Analyze cell behavior in 3D  cultures
Model drug gradients over time
Analyze dynamic immune response
over time
Easy live cell imaging of cell migration
Fits in varying cell culture platforms

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