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The TheraKan™ provides more stable and longer term gradients over a standard cell culture membrane insert

Gradient Stability in the cell culture membrane insert

200 ul of 500 mM crystal violet was added to 8 micron 2D cell culture inserts in a 24 well plate containing 400 ul PBS. Solutions at the bottom and topside were removed and transferred to a new plate, and photographed. Representative images and end point concentrations shown. Loss of gradient stability shown immediately.

Gradient Stability in the TheraKan device

Crystal violet was delivered through the TheraKan™ photographed over time, and measured over for changes in concentration over time (color intensities) and distance from the TheraKan opening. Long-term and stable gradients for up to 24 hours.

Gradient stabilty of 2D insert
Gradient stability of TheraKan
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