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This package comes with 12 TheraKan devices, device lubricant with applicator to facilitate device assembly, and blunt forceps to handle devices in culture. Components are sterilized and ready to use.

Pack of 12 TheraKan devices

SKU: A100-12
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The TheraKan device provides a versatile  approach to analyzing 3D microenvironments for: movement of cells, protein secretion and drug penetration,uptake and effectiveness.  Devices are ideal for use in 6 well plates or larger. Devices will also fit 12 well plates.

Each purchase comes with lubricant to facilitate assembly of devices, and printed instructions on how to use.

You can also go to the TheraKan protocol page to access written instructions, view a video demo, and download protocols for different assays. 

View examples on assaying: cytokine release, drug release/uptake, drug efficacy and immune response here.

View peer reviewed publications using the TheraKan devices here.


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