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Not everyone has the time or resources to conduct pre-clinical testing for their drug compound or drug target. We have over 10 years experience in developing and testing cell culture and animal models as indicated by our publication record.  Fennik Life Sciences offer a range of unique cell culture/tissue research services customizable to your needs including: immune response assays using our innovative TheraKan system as well as a  variety of 3D culture assays.  If you already have tissue or cell samples, we also offer research support through imaging services, and quantification of protein expression through software approaches.  We work with you to develop a customized plan to address your research needs.

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TheraKan services

Looking for a cost effective and physiologically relevant in vitro method to measure  immune response? The TheraKan system offers an innovative solution to measuring multiple parameters of cellular immune response for your research or drug development needs.

General 3D culture services

New to 3D culture and/or don't have the means? We can assay: growth and invasion of cells in 3D matrix, stem cell renewal, cellular transformation, stromal: epithelial interactions, endothelial branching.

Data acquisition/


Do you have already have slides of tissue or cells, but need imaging ? We offer services for high resolution phase contrast or fluorescence imaging at various magnifications.

Are you looking for a more precise way to measure protein expression from immuno-histochemistry or immuno-fluorescence staining? We can quantify protein expression from your images through software approaches, providing unbiased data for more robust analysis.

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